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Supporting a Retirement Facility
with an Operations Transformation


  • Client is the chief strategy officer at an investment firm with retirement facilities in Northern California
  • Seeking to present recommendations to the Principals on strategies to increase revenue across 2 prime locations, after a 12 week due diligence
Case Studies


  • No in-house expertise in data mining, analytics and presentation. Gut feel understanding, but no ability to substantiate any hypothesis
  • Good operators, but unable to articulate a compelling story leading to a clear cut recommendations deck
  • Rudimentary internet researching skills
Case Studies


  • CCA setup a 3 member consultant team dedicated to supporting the client with the writing of the final recommendations deck across the 12 weeks of the transformation
  • Provided support with both primary and secondary research to gain insights into the competitive landscape
  • Provided ppresentation design support to enhance the format of the presentation
Case Studies


  • Client presented a more informed recommendation based off of CCA’s research
  • Client presented to the Board a full business week earlier than originally anticipated
  • Ultimately, he was able to dedicate more time to the actual strategy proposal which got a final sign-off from the Board
Case Studies

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